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Are you taking new steps

in your business?

Attention Communication supports you in demanding situations which require leadership and communication.

We accelerate change, strategy implementation and sustainability development in your organization.

We also prepare you to face challenges, the press and to survive in a crisis.

Let us help you move your business forward!

Our services


Turn the new sustainability requirements into your strengths. Let’s build the ESG path for your organization. A familiar road to us already with many customers.


Plan your communication and double it, you can’t over-communicate when combining activities. Effective communications guarantees a smooth transition.

AttExit – Exit strategy for your investment

Make sure you support your exit strategy with good communications. Manage expectations and set the targets on the right level.


Show your stakeholders what you do and where your company is good at. Let our communications agency support you to the right kind of visibility in the media.


Planning for new initiatives and projects in constantly evolving business environment? Navigating through continuous transformation? Change communication removes obstacles and creates opportunities. Take advantage of the support provided by good communication.


Tell your story and show what you do to your customers and other key stakeholders. Let our communications agency find the right angles and create interesting content.


Lead with strategy. First, let’s capture the core of it crystal clear so that all the stakeholders find it understandable and motivating. Then walk the talk, take the strategy into practise. Systematically, step by step. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Develop effective communications skills or boost the activities of your communications function. Our expertise in corporate communications will be of help to you.


Trouble is our business, too. Our communications agency will help you in crisis situations, but preferably already before that. Develop your crisis management and social media crisis plans in advance.

Exceptionally strong experience

We know the media, communications with investor community and other stakeholders as well as influence communications and marketing communications.

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Attention Communication Oy

  +358 50 387 4082
  Kalevankatu 36 C, 00180 Helsinki
  Business ID: 2314651-2

We are here to support your business!

Our communications agency supports management in situations where strong communication is required. We are excited about change, strategies and sustainability.

We have extensive experience in effective communication to decision-makers and investors. We get power from resolving emergencies and crises, trouble is our business.

Historical moments that many avoid.